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Merchant - Benefits:

As the connection between customers, merchants and banks, PayLife has decades of experience in every aspect of cashless payment and has proven themselves the number one in innovation again and again.

With PayLife, you have a competent partner at your side, and you can profit from the following advantages:

  • Bank independent solutions
  • Central real-time support for the tracking of transactions
  • Standardized reporting
  • A single contact for all your needs
  • Accounts for each country, or even for each branch, kept centrally with different banks or one central bank
  • Personal consultation and custom solutions
  • Standardized billing for all countries, in the respectively desired currency
  • Guaranteed payments
  • Provision of the data for automatic processing and analysis of all payments via a defined interface
  • A single bill for all the products processed by PayLife Bank
  • Standardized technical processing for all countries
  • Standardized terminals
  • Standardized cash register interface even if different cash register systems are used
  • Standardized network connection and the associated uniform company standard