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Means of payment - This is how the world pays

With the acceptance of payment cards you give your customers the freedom to fulfill small and big needs right away - no matter how much cash is in their pocket, when the next salary payment is due or how late it is.

Read on to find out all about electronic cash - brands, technologies and why you benefit from it.

Abbildung Symbol Kreditkarten
The ideal companion for personal and business trips, in everyday life and on the Internet.
Up to four weeks of credit gives your customers financial flexibility.
Abbildung Symbol Debitkarten
The constant companion of your customers everyday life: Perfect for all purchases of daily necessities.
Abbildung Symbol E-Commerce
The Internet provides sales opportunities around the clock. 3-D Secure makes online card payments so confident that the payments can be guaranteed.
Abbildung Symbol Quick
The cheapest and fastest way for cashless payments - with enormous reach: In Austria, about 9 million Quick-enabled cards are in circulation.