All about PIN codes

The PIN code is required for cash withdrawals, certain contactless payments and for worldwide payments at terminals.

How to get the PIN code

Forgot your PIN code?

If you already had a PIN code and would like to reorder one, you can send request at service portal under "Cards & Options" or contact us by e-mail at


If you would like to reorder a PIN code for your Mastercard RED, you can apply for it using the PayLife prepaid cards request for changes

​​​​​​​ PIN-forgotten ​​​​​​​

PIN code instead of signature

That means "PIN-first":

You mainly authorize payments on site by entering your PIN code instead of your signature. The advantages:

  • More security: Only you know your PIN code. 
  • Faster payment processing: Payment confirmation via PIN entry is much faster.



Would you like to confirm with a PIN code in the future?

When you placed your card order, you indicated that you wanted to confirm your payments with your signature and now want to switch to PIN code authorization?

To do this, please send us a change request. Please note that you will receive a new card due to this change.

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PIN-signature ​​​​​​​

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