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Quick built-in module for vending machines

A Quick installation module is the most convenient solution for fast payments of small amounts at vending machines.

From the large selection you can find the ideal quick installation module for any purpose - whether for vending machines, cigarette machines or laundry machines.

How to get your Quick module:

  • In a personal interview, we find the optimal solution for your needs
  • If you are not yet a merchant outlet, sign an acceptance contract with PayLife for Quick
  • One of our partner companies will deliver and install your Quick module

We will advise you - directly at your location!
Do you have questions about the Quick built-in module? We are here for you:

Tel: +43 1 717 01 - 1800
E-Mail:  verkauf@paylife.at

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Brochure: All about Quick in the company

Innovative and irresistibly low priced
All about Quick for your company

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