3D Secure for your Prepaid Mastercard

With your Prepaid Mastercard you can pay on the internet, wherever you see the Mastercard logo. All you need is the card.

For the highest security on the Internet, the secure payment method 3D Secure (Mastercard SecureCode) has been developed.

3D Secure Upgrade

on August 22, 2016

Your mobile phone is a new layer of security when using 3D Secure (The phone will receive a mobileTAN via SMS that will be needed to complete the transaction).
To that effect, as of August 22, 2016 a new registration to the service is required. For more information please refer to the information folder.

Update your mobile phone number

If you want to update your number please fill in the form and send it to PayLife Service Center or bring it to any Hypo Alpe Adria branch in Slovenia.

If you have not yet provided your number you may also enter it during the registration.

Caution: It is not possible to change an already provided mobile phone number during the registration. Please update the number beforehand by filling in the form.

How does 3D Secure work

With the free registration, you choose a password, the Mastercard SecureCode. This 3D Secure password is queried for online payments with your card number - at all retailers that offer this payment method (indicated by the logo).

Your advantage: You can prove that you pay with your own card – because only you know your 3D Secure password.

Register now

If you have forgotten your 3D Secure passwort, please use the link "Re-registration" to set a new one.

How to register

Initial registration

1. Keep your card and your mobile phone ready 

2. Click on the link "3D Secure registration" above

3. We take you step by step through the registration process

Activation during shopping (ADS)

If you shop at a retailer that uses 3D Secure, before you even registered for, a window opens and gives you the opportunity to register immediately - without having to leave your purchase. You will need your card, your mobile phone and a valid one-time password.

Where to find the one-time-password

The one-time password you will automatically receive together with your new card. If it is expired, you can order a free new one.

Don't have a valid one-time-password?

If you have misplaced your one-time-password or if it has expired, you can order a new one free of charge.

You find a link to order a new one-time-password below.

Forgot your 3D Secure password?

You simply register a new Mastercard SecureCode, if you should forget yours. For this purpose you need your card and a valid one-time password. If you don't have a valid one-time-password you need to order a new one first. 

To start the re-registration, click on the link "Re-registration" above. 


You can order an new one-time password ("Einmalpasswort") for free any time.

Order one-time-password

It will be sent by mail. After receiving the one-time-password, you can register or re-register for the Mastercard SecureCode.

Further information

3D Secure Account Management

Once you have registered your card for 3D Secure, you can change your account information at any time.

Manage your 3D Secure data

You can change the following data:
Mastercard SecureCode | E-Mail address | Personal Salutation | User name 

FAQ 3D Secure

Here you find the answers to the most frequent questions.

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